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Our stone crafting process

The crafting process here is a multi-facet procedure, where at every step one can trace the imprint of the company's vision and belief of providing world-class quality slabs and natural stone products at competitive prices by making sure that the highest international quality standards are maintained throughout so as to shield the natural finish, lustre and longevity of the stones.

SCP in simple words is transforming raw blocks into perfectly refined slabs but without any compromise on the quality; it is unravelling and delivering the true essence of stones which will be installed in your homes.

Discover our process
Our journey starts from the mines
Step 1

Discovering the PERFECT Block

It requires an eye of an eagle to dig up and sort natural wonders of the highest quality. At Stone Culture, their team of expert curators select the most superior blocks from the finest quarries across the globe. And by PERFECT block we mean perfect, at times we select just 1 out of 100 blocks, during our quarry visit.

Step 2

Unloading the selected Stone Block

Blocks once procured from quarries around the world, are offloaded in the gantry yard of Stone Culture, under the strong supervision of highly trained engineers, who assure no damage to the block & safety of the workers.

Step 3

Dressing the Raw Block

Once unloaded, the dressing machine team dresses the block to rip off all the impurities. Raw blocks are properly cleansed and dressed from all sides with high pressured water to make the surface of the blocks plane and defect-free.

Step 4

Strengthening the Block

This is the step where fuel is added to the fire. Here, the dressed block is given strength and made strong with Fiberglass Net with a semi-solid reinforcement formula of tenax, so as to withstand breakages when drawn into the gangsaw machinery. The raw block is covered with it from 5 sides and is kept for drying

Step 5

Sawing the Block

Stone Culture is installed with the most advanced gangsaw & cutters, where reinforced block is taken through the slab cutting process, with the least possible vibrations. Standing still with the international quality standards, the company cuts uniformly thicker slabs to 18 – 20 mm, compared to a practice of cutting it down to 14-15mm.

Step 6

Drying & flaming up the Slab

Here, the finely cut wet slabs are properly cleaned and are pre-heated at high temperatures to keep the slabs completely dry and to retain their natural weathering.

Step 7

Fiberglass Mesh Strengthening

To ensure that the delicate slabs carefully reach our valuable customers, we apply Fiberglass Mesh to safeguards our slabs from any damages during transit. This Fiberglass Mesh is then removed before installation.

Step 8

Resin Application on the Slab

This is the turning point of SCP; here a perfect blend of Epoxy Resin is applied on each slab and is moved into the very progressive & automated resin line and dried up at optimum temperatures.

This imported Epoxy Resin with less thicker formula gets deep-seated into every crack and pores of the slab and strongly locks up all the natural cracks & pores, provides life-long strengthening, durability and moreover, gives extra years compared to peers.

Step 9

Vacuum Treatment

Epoxy resin layered slabs moves into the vacuum chamber, where all the air and excess moisture is sucked out of the slab. This makes sure that no air is settled into the pores and cracks and every single cracked line is filled with enough resin and doesn’t open up ever after installation.

Step 10

Resin Refining and Refilling the Slab

Contrary to most Indian players, Stone Culture skilled team properly inspects the whole slab, after they come out of the vacuum chamber, in order to refill the unsettled cracks and pores. Once refilled, the slab then goes back into the automated Resin Plant which dries up 45 – 90 slabs within two hours than 2 days, unlike the companies which do it out there in broad daylight with uneven temperature & higher dust exposure.

Step 11

Slab Grinding Process

There can be a minimal variation while cutting slabs as minor as a hair. But to ensure no variation, we grind all the slabs in our advanced grinding machine after the resin application.

Step 12

Double Resin Treatment & Double Quality Check

Here we run our slabs again through the process of Resin Application, Vacuum Treatment & Resin Refining. We are the only company do so in the region and this ensures that the slabs that are available with us are crack free.

Step 13

Polishing the Slab

This is the last facet, where a final glossy touch is given to our refined slabs through our automated line polishers, leaving an unparalleled and crystal glow on the slab which is 30 % more than the conventional polishing done by many stone producers in India. Stone Culture is engineering stones of greatest finesse.

Finally, our perfectly processed slabs are ready to help you build the home of your dreams and made available at our stockyard.
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