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Packaging , Supply chain and logistics

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Packing is an integral part of all Granite Marble exporter Company. We use good quality wooden crates, thermacol ,bubble sheets and all other packing material, so that your goods reach you without any hassle, breakage or scratches. Large Marble Slabs and Large Granite slabs are packed in wooden crates. Polished Faces of Indian marbles & Granites are properly covered, and All possible care is taken to ensure that polished granite slabs and polished marble slabs reach safely to their destinations.

Depending on the requirement & unloading capability of our client we customize the packaging of the material inside the container to suit the customers requirement.

Supply Chain

  • On receiving the order from our buyer, our on-field team is informed about the material requirement through state of the art communication methods.
  • Following this, as a standard protocol, photos of the available slabs or blocks are sent to our customers for approval. We believe, a customer should know what they will receive, before they physically see the material.
  • Once approved, the material reports are sent to the customer.
  • We are known, for timely providing the best quality material. We have managed to achieve this is courtesy our highly trained professionals, and our commitment to introducing latest technology to reduce the chances of errors.

Warehousing and Logistics

We have special arrangements to store blocks and slabs in the following areas:


Our warehousing agreements, are meticulously planned and are near the ports which, we commonly use for shipping material to our customers.

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