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Absolute Black

Alankar abode utilises exquisite elements of top quality natural stone to incorporate an unmatched sense of sophistication and style within the home. An artfully crafted Black Panther Onyx island creates a striking focal point in this classic kitchen. This opulent black onyx stone features tones of midnight black struck through with vibrant golden threads and undulating white veining.

When it’s about creating a matte bold black look of home or workplace areas, Absolute Black Granite becomes the one-true solution. It is one of the darkest black shade available in the market. Stone Culture provides exquisite and polished natural stone artefacts to give your home and workplace a best – in – class sense of elegance and grandeur. Absolute Black granite is solid black granite with a uniform texture and color. 

A beautifully crafted absolute black stone serves as a magnificent focal point in the fitting room. Due to its beautiful color, Absolute Black Granite is placed in the kitchen area countertops and interior room flooring. When this stone is polished and honed and installed on locations such as bedroom walls, dining table counter tops, or walls, it exudes grandeur and traditional style.

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